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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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in friendsville, maryland. would you look at that. that's the reason we're starting here in the weather center. we're less than 48 hours and a lot of folks hitting the roads. either going to see family or you want to let them know if they're coming into town, what to expect. >> quiet weather for us. or snow from our friends and neighbors in western maryland, allegheny county. the difference is -- yes indeed, a lot higher? elevation, on radar, the last 12 hours, filled with squally snow in allegheny counties. far western maryland, in and around the city, not any forecasted either. you'll have a dry start to the day. skies are mostly clear now. temperatures dropped into the 30s, around 40 degrees. there's a hint of a breeze left. it's a little colder than that. feels-like factors 20s to around 30. there's
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what many will be a short work and school week. temperatures to get you started, upper 40s and low 50s. plenty of sunshine coming your way. chance of sprinkles -- >> thank you, chuck. breaking news in california where cult leader charles manson has died. the convicted killer who declared himself the devil had been sentenced to death. but eventually got life in prison after the california supreme court temporarily abolished the death penalty. he talked his followers into killing sharon -- the california department of corrections says he died of natural causes sunday night. he was 83 years old. today a lockdown will be lifted in the baltimore neighborhood where a detective was shot last week. officer shawn suiter died a day after being shot in the head. baltimore police kept the crime scene roped off
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his killer. a go fund me set up by his family has raised more th-- we' posted a link to it. targeting a family during their time of need. breaking into a home after it was damaged by fire. the women who live there are still in the hospital. darcy spencer spoke with their family. >> this is the toughest thing i've ever experienced personally. >> jonathan street looked over what's left after a fire swept through his mother's home in capitol heights. his mom, shirley street, just got out of the intensive care unit. his sister is still in critical condition with burns over 70% of her body. >> this hit my heart more than you can imagine. her students made this poster.
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the burn center. her brother says she's a hero. she was in the basement where the fire started, apparently in the dryer. >> she came upstairs to alert the mother. she laid her life out for my mom to make sure my mom tried to get out. >> street tried to get out through the side door but couldn't find the key. she ended up trapped in the basement. bystanders kicked in the door. firefighters pulled her out. he says that vandals kicked in the front door a couple of times and stolen stuff inside the house. that's why there's pad locks put up to keep people up. >> reporter: what do you think of people taking your stuff during this time when you've lost so much. >> everything can be replaced. my mother and my sister can't be. >> there were working smoke alarms in the home. he's thankful for the firefighters who rescued his sister. >> this is day seven and she's still here. thank god forha
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4. this morning, officials are warning students to be aware of what's going on around them at american university. someone was sexually assaulted on campus on massachusetts avenue. police say they didn't know each other and in fact the victims thought the suspect was a car service driver. it's unclear if the victim is a student at a.u., but d.c. police are also investigating the assault. in prince george's county, officers are deploying more forces to keep an eye on the school after students say a man exposed himself. it's happened twice in the last few weeks near benjamin stoddard middle school in temple hills. in both cases he was driving a gray car. remind your kids to be careful around people they don't know, especially if they walk to school this morning. the start of a major construction project that could impact your commute for years. state and local leelders will be at the
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roads on i-66 outside the beltway. the plan? to build two express lanes, new park and ride lots and expand some of the commuter bus services from the beltway all the way to gainesville. moving to maryland where crews wrapped up a major construction projects. route 404 will fully reopen today. this is video from when they started the project a couple years ago in 2015. it added shoulders, eliminated points of entry to the highway to make it safer. maryland governor larry hogan will be at the reopening. boy oh, boy, redskins fans waking up and wondering what happened. a few minutes left, a lot of people thinking a great win on the road, no less. then it came undone. brees to -- touchdown! >> yeah. the saints tied it up in the fourth quarter and
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making this loss even worse. running back chris thompson broke his leg. he's out for the year. thompson tweeted that he plans to work his butt off and get back on the field better than ever next year. i sure hope he does. he's able to make a good recovery. that's not going to help them this year. boy oh, boy, you talk about a game slipping through your fingers. >> i was so confident. listening to the redskins going, let's see where they were. they were up 15 points with five minutes to go. what? >> you said with five minutes to go, they had a 99.6% chance of winning. any meteorologist would love those chances >> i've been burned on that percentage before. mother nature plays hardball once in a while. boomer sooner. we're hanging in there. today, around here, plenty of chill in the
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morning. plenty of sunshine for your monday afternoon. maybe a chance for a sprinkle or two. thanksgiving cold and dry. specific highs and lows coming up in a few. yeah. thanksgiving just a few days away. we're working for you. we head to a viewer's home to look at one of the dishes sure to be on her table this holiday. how did this happen? takes center stage at the american music awards. the singer who performed by satellite. look what everybody is talking about this morning.
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britain's queen elizabeth are celebrating. their 70s wedding anniversary. buckingham palace released these photos to mark a platinum anniversary. 21 years old and philip was a young naval officer. the queen has been married longer than any other british royal. the longest reigning monarch in europe. boy oh, boy, you talk about longevity. 70 years. you probably don't remember the first few decades of the
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marriage. >> you can tell they're a cute couple and always been able to be there for one another. that's a tricky role for a husband. >> not easy. >> got the crown to prove it. >> one of the biggest nights in music is going to pop up in the feeds is a raw family affair. tracy ellis ross hosted the affair. their mother diana won the lifetime achievement award. >> look at that. she's still got it. grandchildren joined her on stage and the whole family came out as she thanked the crowd. also trending this morning, lady gaga performed live from her concert right here in d.c. ♪ >> this performance was live from the capitol arena.
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satellite. newly elected virginia delegate danica row was a guest of demi lovato. we heard that she basically said danica rome endured so much bullying, it would be -- roem tweeted she'd be at the board meeting this morning. not demi lovato. don't show up expecting to see demi lovato. i was telling you earlier, i'm hitting the road tomorrow afternoon, evening. a lot of folks traveling. >> relatively quiet travel weather. the pacific northwest or far northern -- >> not that far. >> you better get on the road now if you're trafg to spokane. good for pretty much anywhere and even if you're sticking around here. >> thanks, chuck. a boat spinning
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what they're still looking for. helping you set the table this thanksgiving as we make and share your recipes.
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boy, take a look at this.
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circles a quarter mile offshore. one person was found on the boat unupon siff. there was someone else on board. the search for that person is under way. also dramatic video out of florida. this is dashcam video that captured a plane crash near tampa. it looked like it might hit one of deputy cruisers. the pilot had engine trouble and the closest place to land was the street. the pilot and his passenger escaped unhurt. today marks two months since hurricane maria decimated people in puerto rico. people on the island are still in dire need of help. on sunday morning, demonstrators marched through d.c. with one message for the people of puerto ri rico, you are not
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lin-manuel miranda helped to organize the unity rally and asked -- puerto rico's governor said half of the country is still without power today. when you think of thanksgiving, you think about family, friends and of course, football. come on. food. during the next couple of days we're watching families try out their favorite holiday dishes. these are your dishes you come up with. we start with aaron and eun with a broccoli and rice casserole. >> my great aunt mimi created this. this is something that my mom makes every thanksgiving. >> can i ask you, what does this recipe mean to you and what kind of emotions does it elicit? >> oh, my gosh. just the smell and everything, as soon as you start frying the onions up, it's just holidays. you think of home and family and everything like that. anyway, you start
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sticks of margarine. >> i'm just saying. >> everything that's bad for you, perfect for thanksgiving. >> fry up your onions here. after they brown a little bit, you add your velveeta cheese. after that melts, you pretty much just throw in everything else. chopped broccoli, two cans of cream of mushroom soup and two cups of milk and after that -- >> stir again. >> the 14-ounce box of minute rice. teaspoon of salt and mix it all up. >> it's foolproof which is why it's good to -- >> she called me a fool. >> after that, you dump it in the casserole dish. cook it for 50 minutes at 350 and good to go. >> take that out of the oven. there's your finished product. >> very nice. >> hope it's good. >> very
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>> cheesy. >> that is good. i'm not a casserole guy. but this is good. >> i can attest to that. aaron is not a casserole guy. if he's giving it a stamp of approval, that's pretty tasty. in full swing. a thanksgiving food basket for families in the community. we'll take you inside the boys and girls club in northeast d.c. volunteers are organizing some of the donations. also this morning, pat muse will be reporting live from x street outside the capital one arena. go by and see her. you can drop off canned goods or contributions all day long there. you can donate online through the nbc washington app as well. chuck, i know i've been out there a few times with pat. one of the things we always hope for a nice day. it is a cold day outside. >> recommendation would be to stand on the sunny side of the e
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sometimes downtown with all the buildings around. as long as you're outside, bundle up early this morning. honestly, quiet weather on tap not just for today, but most of of the travel week for people going out of town or waiting for friends and relatives to visit us. there are more clouds across parts of southern pennsylvania. light snow showers across places like happy valley and northern parts of pennsylvania. by the new york border. around here today, just fair weather clouds early this morning. they're not going to bring anything in the way of rain or a snow chachblts through tomorrow, this is tomorrow at 5:00 in the afternoon, a sunny day for much of your tuesday. clouds increasing in the afternoon. there will be a slight chance for a stray shower or two tuesday evening into the pre dawn hours of wednesday morning. things improve yet again. it's a
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in and around the city, temperatures in the upper 30s to 40 degrees. plan on plenty of sunshine with a west wind. breezy at times. just another breeze to have windchills to the 20s and low 30s. need your warm coat. afternoon temperatures, about that. afternoon high 50s. for tomorrow, after a cold and sunny start, breezy at times as well. winds out of the southwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour. a warming wind. mid to upper 60s tomorrow. sheena is here and we're going to give you the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. the battle over roy moore is coming -- the senatorial candidate, encouraging voters at the ballot. someone
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we're hearing new allegations of sexual assault. this time against the hip hop mogul. los angeles times reports that russell simmons allegedly assaulted a teenage model 26 years old. the model says she was 17 years old at the time. simmons started behaving inappropriately while showing her a music video at his apartment. on sunday, simmons remembers that weekend with her. but insists everything was completely consensual. this morning, alabama's biggest newspapers are urging voters to reject roy moore after a string of sexual abuse
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innocence as he continues to mainta maintain. >> an unusual page 1 editorial in alabama's top newspaper urging voters to reject republican candidate roy moore in the election. the birmingham news says it's about the moral values of the people of alabama and that they are still divided. >> i've been a lifelong republican but i've always voted for the person. i'm not going to vote for moore. >> i'm going to vote for moore. i think at least he's trying. >> nine women accused moore of sexual misconduct. including one when she was 14 years old. gop senators are calling on the former judge to step down immediate limit. >> i certainly think that there's a strong possibility with the new candidate, new republican candidate, a proven conservative that we can win that race in alabama. it's in the best interests of the
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and in the race. president trump is still silent on the controversy. democratic senator al franken who is facing an accusation of inappropriate behavior by a woman before he entered politics. >> the significance difference is franken admits it and roy moore denies it. but i think that puts him in a different category. >> thanken apologized and asked for a senate investigation into his case. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. we'll be keeping an eye on that election there as it happens. it is now coming up on 4:27 this morning. i'm heading over to the live desk. news 4 continues right now with aaron and eun. i wouldn't feel a thing. >> now on "news4 today." breaking news as one of the most infamous cult leaders dies. what
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charles manson. >> make getting to work smoother. the construction starting today that could be a game changer for drivers. plus where it started coming down in maryland. >> i know exactly where it is. so i don't go there. >> 568 through parts of garrett and allegheny county. >> way out there. >> people go there to ski though, right? >> yeah. they're 2,000 feet higher in elevation than we are. >> it's like a whole other country. >> okay for now. >> all the colors in the rainbow this morning. usually looks like we all -- i guess not all of us. missing a few of the colors. >> close. but not close enough. >> the white in the medians, i-68 towards morgantown road close to the west virginia border. friendsville, maryland. didn't add up to a heck of
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inches of snow over the week yechbltd around here, the next thing you need to know about the weather after a cold start this morning, plenty of sunshine today. breezy tomorrow but nowhere near as strong as the winds yesterday. yesterday's gust 39 miles per hour. tuesday night or pre dawn wednesday morning. there's just enough of a breeze left to lower windchills down at or below freezing in most neighborhoods. a cold start this morning. but a mostly clear sky will aid in the warmup quite a bit. most areas in the upper 40s and low 50s. we'll let you know how the travel weather is coming up for thanksgiving. now, let's go over to melissa. >> looking quite good. had an earlier crash overnight that blocked something. inner loop of the beltway, the ramps from westbound university. you might still see police activity through that area. it has now been cle
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no problems on the beltway. inner loop and outer loop. everything is rolling along nicely. looking at 66 from fairfax to the belt wachlt on time and going to take you eight minutes. aaron and eun. >> melissa, thank you. breaking news. charles manson is dead. >> chris lawrence has details from the live desk. >> what we know. the california department of corrections said he's died of natural causes last night. the convicted killer who you see here declared himself the devil. back in 1969, manson sent his followers to kill pregnant actress sharon tate and six others terrorizing the city of los angeles. he was sentenced to death but eventually got life in prison after the california supreme court temporarily abolished the death penalty. manson was 83 years old. aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. also today, baltimore police will lift a lockdown in the neighborhood where a detective was shot last
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officer sean suiter died a day after being shot in the head. officers have kept the crime scene roped off since then. suiter was a father of five. a go fund me page has been set up. it's raised more than $13,000 since yesterday. we posted a link to it in nbc washington app. a d.c. fire ems captain says his family is being targeted by criminals during the darkest point in their lives. his mother and sister have been in the hospital. it is a distraction he doesn't need as his family focuses on the victims. >> this is the toughest thing i've ever experienced personally. i mean, everything can be replaced. but my mother, my sister can't be. >> street says the smoke alarms were working, his mother was just released from an intensive care


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